Outfitted for Adventure

Even the toughest off-road challenges have met their match with TRX-4® Sport High Trail Edition. A factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit amplifies TRX-4 Sport’s performance-focused all-terrain capability with even more ground clearance. High-angle bumpers and fully-locked axles provide nearly unstoppable climbing versatility with the show-stopping looks of the High Trail Edition’s rugged Expedition Rack and scale accessories.

TRX-4 Sport High Trail Edition
High Trail Edition

Lifted Performance

The High Trail Edition TRX-4 Sport gets you up and over obstacles with a factory-installed Long Arm Lift Kit for over an inch more ground clearance than the standard TRX-4. Oversize Canyon Trail tires ride on 2.2″ black 5-spoke wheels to tame the most technical trails with extreme all-terrain traction.

Clipless Body Mounting

Clipless Body Mounting

New to TRX-4 Sport, the High Trail Edition’s clipless body combines clean flowing lines with secure latching convenience. TRX-4 Sport’s hidden latches hold tight on the trail no matter how intense the action gets, but release in just seconds to access the chassis.

Scale Accessories

Scale Accessories

TRX-4 High Trail Edition comes fully outfitted for adventure with a tough Expedition Rack and molded accessories. A replica snorkel, side mirrors, traction boards, fire extinguisher, jack, and fuel canisters provide extreme scale detail with inner fenders for a realistic appearance.

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TRX-6 Flatbed Hauler - Side Chassis Click for Details Highly Detailed Body Factory-Installed Long Arm Lift Kit Clipless Convenience Heavy-Duty Frame Rails Raised Center Driveshafts and Suspension Links Single Speed Transmission Molded Inner Fenders and Floor Pans Titan 21T 550 Motor 2.2" Canyon Trail Tires Extended-Length 110mm GTS Shocks Torque Twist Eliminated Locked Axles Waterproof Metal Gear Servo

Special Edition

The Special Gray Edition TRX-4® Sport High Trail is now available online and in-store. Get yours today!
Special Edition - TRX-4 Sport High Trail (#82044-4)
Special Edition - TRX-4 Sport High Trail (#82044-4)

Make sure you don’t miss any of the latest TRX-4 Sport High Trail news, accessories, and updates.

TRX-4 Data

TRX-4 Sport High Trail (Side) Specifications
TRX-4 Sport High Trail (Front) Specifications
Length: 22 inches (564 mm)
Front Track: 10.6 inches (270 mm)
Rear Track: 10.6 inches (270 mm)
Center Ground Clearance: 4 inches (99 mm)
Weight (w/o battery): 7.04 pounds (3.20 kg)
Height (overall): 10.8 inches (275 mm)
Wheelbase: 12.3 inches (312 mm)
Approach Angle: 62.8°
Departure Angle: 54.7°
Breakover Angle: 79.3°
Front Shock Length: 4.33 inches (110 mm)
Rear Shock Length: 4.33 inches (110 mm)
Front Wheels: 2.2″ x 1.34″ (56 x 34 mm)
Rear Wheels: 2.2″ x 1.34″ (56 x 34 mm)
Front Tires: 5.3″ x 2.14″ (135 x 54 mm)
Rear Tires: 5.3″ x 2.14″ (135 x 54 mm)
Hex Size: 12 mm
Speed Control: XL-5 HV
Motor (electric): 21T reverse rotation
Transmission: Single speed
Gear Pitch: 32 pitch
Differential Type: Spool (no differential)
Chassis Structure / Material: Steel ladder frame with Nylon composite crossmembers
Brake Type: Electronic “Hill Hold”
Drive System: Shaft driven 4WD
Steering: Chassis mounted servo
Servo: 2075X metal gear
Transmitter: TQ 2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter
Receiver: 6519
Skill Level: 1
Battery Tray: 159 L x 47 W x 23/26 mm H
Titan 21T 550 Motor
Type: High-torque brushed motor
Size: 550
Weight: 13.76 ounces (390 g)
Length: 3.071″ (78 mm) overall length, 2.25″ (57 mm) can length, 1.532″ (39 mm diameter)
Turns: 21T reverse rotation
Voltage: 16.8 volts
XL-5 HV Speed Control
Input Voltage: 6–7 Cells NiMH, 2–3s LiPo
Case Size: 1.23″ W x 2.18″ D x 1.04″ H
Weight: 2.6 ounces (74 g)
Motor Limit: 21-turns (550 size)
On Resistance Forward: 0.004 ohms
On Resistance Reverse: 0.004 ohms
Peak Current - Forward: 100 amps
Peak Current - Reverse: 100 amps
Braking Current: 60 amps
Continuous Current: 18 amps
BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts
BEC Current: 1 amp
Power Wire: 14 gauge / 5″
Input Harness Wire: 26 gauge / 14.5″
Transistor Type: MOSFET
PWM Frequency: 1700 Hz
Low Voltage Detection (LVD): 2-Stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
Profile selection:
  • Sport Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, 100% REV
  • Race Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, no REV
  • Training Mode:* 50% FWD, 100% brakes, 50% REV
  • Trail Mode: 100% FWD, 100% Brake, 100% REV, Trail-Tuned Brake on Neutral
  • Crawl Mode: 100% FWD, 100% Instant REV, 100% Brake on Neutral
Single-button setup: Traxxas EZ-Set®
* Patented
  • Tough, Lightweight Pickup Truck Body
    • High-angle bumpers for increased clearance
    • Molded grille and tailgate
    • LED-ready headlights and tail lights
    • Full Nylon composite wheel wells and floor pans
  • Scale Accessories
    • Rugged Expedition Rack with detailed accessories
    • Injection-molded snorkel and side mirrors
  • Clipless Body Mounting
    • Clipless design for smooth body appearance
    • Rugged internal body cage for added rigidity
      • Body details mount directly to internal frame
  • Trail-tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
    • Fully waterproof design
    • Five drive profiles
      • Sport Mode — forward / brake / reverse
      • Race Mode — forward / brake / no reverse
      • Training Mode — 50% forward / 100% brake / 50% reverse (patented)
      • Trail Mode — forward / brake / reverse / with trail-tuned drag brake in neutral
      • Crawl Mode — forward / instant reverse - no neutral with 100% hill holding brake
    • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
    • Large, efficient heat sink
    • Wide voltage latitude 6–7 cell NiMH (7.2–8.4 V) and 2–3s LiPo (7.4–11.1 V)
    • Two stage low voltage protection (LVD)
  • Motor
    • Powerful Titan® 21T reverse rotation motor with internal cooling fan
    • Precision, preset gear mesh adjustments
    • Motor retention separate from gear mesh
  • Factory-Installed Long Arm Lift Kit
    • Increases ground clearance over 1″
    • Maintains precise steering geometry
    • Accommodates oversize 2.2″ wheels and tires
  • Rigid Steel Frame
    • Full-length 1.5 mm steel frame rails
    • Bumpers adjust fore and aft
    • Rugged rock rails adjust for width
    • Wire routing clips integrated into frame rails
  • Portal Axles
    • Increase ground clearance
    • Eliminate torque twist
    • Steel gears
    • Improve axle geometry and reduce strain on driveshafts
  • Drivetrain
    • Full-time shaft driven 4-wheel drive
    • Tough 6 mm stub axles
    • Steel front CV driveshafts
    • Hardened steel rear axle shafts
    • Locked front and rear axles
    • Steel gear transfer case
  • Innovative Battery Compartment
    • Hinged battery strap allows quick and easy battery access
    • No pins to lose
    • Accommodates different height batteries
    • Accepts full-size long battery packs
    • Integrated compartment accepts smaller 1/16 scale batteries (with optional strap)
    • Secondary front battery tray accepts smaller 1/16 scale batteries (with optional strap)
  • Transmission
    • Single-speed with steel gears
    • Dual horizontal shafts
    • Twin friction plate slipper clutch
    • Easily removed for servicing
  • Steering
    • Chassis mounted 2075X metal gear digital servo
    • Superior 45° steering angle
    • Direct steering (no servo saver)
    • Steel servo horn
    • Steering geometry corrected for bump steer
  • Suspension
    • Front — 3 link with panhard
    • Rear — Triangulated 4 link
    • Heavy-duty rod ends with steel hollow balls
    • 5 mm diameter steel link rods with 4 mm threaded ends
  • Extended Aluminum GTS Shocks
    • Oil-filled coilover GTS shocks exclusive to TRX-4 chassis
    • Extra-long aluminum bodies for greater articulation
    • Threaded bodies with collars easily adjust ride height
    • Silky smooth damping for the toughest trails
    • O-ring cap seal and dual X-ring shaft seals
  • Oversize Wheels and Tires
    • 2.2″ 5-spoke wheels with replica beadlock rings
    • Pre-mounted 2.2″ Canyon Trail tires with trail-tuned foam inserts
    • Trail tuned S1 rubber compound
    • 12 mm steel hex
  • TQ 2.4 GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
  • Patented O-ring Sealed Watertight Receiver Box Keeps the Micro Receiver Dry
  • Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Hex Hardware with Rust-Resistant Black Oxide Coating
TRX-4 Sport High Trail - Front Three-Quarter View (Red)
TRX-4 Sport High Trail - Rear Three-Quarter View (Blue)
MODEL 82044-4: TRX-4® Sport High Trail Edition with Long Arm Lift Kit: 1/10 scale 4X4 trail truck, fully-assembled, waterproof electronics, Ready-To-Drive®, with TQ 2.4 GHz 2-channel radio system, XL-5 HV speed control, and Titan® 550 motor.

What’s In The Box:

  • TRX-4, Ready-To-Drive model
  • XL-5 HV waterproof electronic speed control
  • Titan 21T reverse rotation motor
  • TQ 2.4 GHz radio system
  • High quality maintenance tools

What You’ll Need: