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Toyota GR Supra GT4

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 marks the return of a legendary name to the racing circuit and now there’s a new way to bring the action home. The Traxxas 1/10 scale GR Supra GT4 captures the muscular curves and fine detail of the all-new Supra with the proven performance of the Traxxas 4-Tec® 3.0 chassis. Feel the surge of power as the replica GR Supra rockets off the line with AWD grip and exhilarating 30+ mph top speed. Ultra-wide racing slicks hold tight in the corners with a double-link suspension and oil-filled shocks to soak up the bumps. The 1/10 scale GR Supra GT4 replica delivers fun, thrills, and rugged RC performance from Traxxas – The Fastest Name in Radio Control®.

GR Supra GT4
4-Tec 3.0 Performance

4-Tec 3.0 Performance

Traxxas modified the already capable 4-Tec platform for maximum performance with a longer wheelbase and wider track developed specifically for the Supra 4-Tec 3.0. The longer, wider footprint improves stability and refines handling to deliver the steering precision and balanced feel of a GT4 race car.

Race-Bred Styling

Race-Bred Styling

Toyota’s 60+ years of racing experience transformed the Supra platform into a track-dominating GT4 race car. Traxxas faithfully captures the essence of the GR Supra GT4’s racing pedigree down to the smallest detail. Replica aero trim, molded scale parts, and wide racing slicks provide an RC racing experience like no other.

Clipless Body Mounting

Clipless Body Mounting

Traxxas’ exclusive clipless body mounting system maintains the uninterrupted clean lines and functional aero of the Supra's exotic shape. The uniquely engineered clipless frame with its integrated quick release latch system secures the body invisibly. The hidden mechanism delivers a firm and incredibly rugged hold and releases in seconds to provide chassis access.

From the track to the Street
GT4 Racing Action with Traxxas Performance!
Model #93064-4$329.95



Capturing the excitement of the full-size GR Supra GT4 in exacting detail, with performance to match.


Look beneath the GR Supra GT4’s race-inspired lines to reveal the individual design details that make the 4-Tec 3.0 chassis as easy to operate as it is exciting to drive.
GR Supra GT4 Body Click for Details Detailed Replica Body New Clipless Body Mounting System Replica Wheels and Tires GR Supra GT4 Chassis Click for Details Oil-Filled Ultra Shocks High Performance Suspension Adjustments Integrated Servo Saver Waterproof Receiver Box High-Torque Waterproof Steering Servo Molded Wire Retainer Fixed Gear Mesh System High-Current Connector Hex Hardware GR Supra GT4 Driveline Click for Details Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings One-Piece Driveshafts Center Driveshaft Fully Authentic Look Proven Sealed Differentials

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Traxxas 1/10 Scale GR Supra GT4 Data

93054-4 Specs
Length: 19.3 inches (490 mm)
Front Track: 8.0 inches (204 mm)
Rear Track: 8.0 inches (204 mm)
Total Width (mirrors): 8.6 inches (219 mm)
Ground Clearance: 0.5 inches (14 mm)
Weight: 3.92 pounds (1.78 kg)
Height (ride): 5.6 inches (141 mm)
Wheelbase: 10.7 inches (272 mm)
Shock Length: Short (front and rear)
Tire Diameter: 2.8 inches (73 mm)
Tire Width (front): 1.3 inches (33 mm)
Tire Width (rear): 1.3 inches (32 mm)
Wheel Diameter: 2.0 inches (51 mm)
Speed Control: XL-5 waterproof FWD/REV ESC
Motor (electric): Titan® 12T 550
Transmission: Single speed direct drive
Overall Drive Ratio: 11.38
Differential Type: Sealed, hardened steel bevel, limited slip
Gear Pitch: 48 pitch
Chassis Structure/Material: Molded tub / Nylon composite
Brake Type: Electronic
Drive System: Shaft-driven 4WD
Steering: Dual bellcrank
Radio System: TQ 2.4 GHz transmitter
Servo: 2075 high torque waterproof
Top Speed: 30+ mph (with included optional pinion gear)
Skill Level: 1
Battery Tray: 174 mm long / 48 mm wide / 23 mm or 26 mm high
Titan 12T Modified Motor
Type: High-speed brushed motor
Weight: 8.47 ounces (240 g)
Can Length: 3.07 inches (78 mm) overall length, 2.24 inches (57 mm) can length
Diameter: 1.41 inches (36 mm)
Shaft Size: 3 mm
Connector Type: Bullet
XL-5™ Waterproof FWD/REV ESC with Low Voltage Detection (LVD)
Input Voltage: 6-7 Cells (7.2 to 8.4 volts DC)
Case Size: 1.23″ W x 2.18″ D x 0.61″ H
Weight: 2.44 ounces (69.2 g)
Motor Limit: 15-turns** (540 size)
12-turns** (550 size)
On Resistance Forward: 0.007 ohms
On Resistance Reverse: 0.014 ohms
BEC Voltage: 6.0 volts
BEC Current: 1 amp
Power Wire: 14 gauge / 5″
Input Harness Wire: 26 gauge / 9″
PWM Frequency: 1600 Hz
Low Voltage Detection (LVD): 2-stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
Thermal Protection: Thermal shutdown
Profile Selection: Sport Mode:
  100% FWD, 100% brakes, 100% REV
Race Mode:
  100% FWD, 100% brakes, no REV
Training Mode:*
  50% FWD, 100% brakes, 50% REV
Single-button setup: Traxxas EZ-Set®
**Properly geared   *Patented
  • Officially Licensed Toyota GR Supra GT4 Body
    • Clipless body eliminates body post holes
    • Injection molded details
      • Grilles, hood vent, side mirrors, exhaust tips, and wing
    • Replica black multi-spoke wheels with lug nut detail
    • Replica brake discs with red calipers
  • Clipless Body Mounts
    • Easy removal of the body
    • Front bumper/splitter incorporates the front body mount
  • High-Performance Waterproof XL-5 Electronic Speed Control
    • Innovative waterproof design
    • Three drive profiles
      • Sport Mode - forward / brake / reverse
      • Race Mode - forward / brake
      • Training Mode - 50% forward / brake / 50% reverse (patented)
    • Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup
    • LiPo and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage
    • Click here for more info
  • TQ 2.4 GHz Radio System
    • Traxxas 6519 3-channel micro receiver
    • Patented O-ring sealed watertight receiver box keeps the micro receiver dry
  • Motor
    • Powerful Titan® 12T 550 modified motor with internal cooling fan
    • Fixed gear mesh motor plate makes setting gear mesh simple with 11 different gearing positions
    • 30+ mph with included optional pinion gear
    • Molded wire retainer keeps motor wires secure
  • Steering
    • High-torque waterproof Traxxas #2075 steering servo
    • Precise servo saver integrated into servo horn
    • High steering angle option
  • Low Center of Gravity (Low CG) Chassis
    • Positions weight low for improved handling
    • Smooth underside resists drag and snags
    • Angled front bumper improves approach angle
    • Modular interlocking chassis pieces
      • Improves rigidity and tightens tolerances
      • Allows for easy maintenance
  • High Performance Suspension
    • Captured links won’t pop off
    • Geometry tuned for precise handling
    • Dual rear camber link mounts
    • Adjustable droop
  • Adjustable Battery Hold Down
    • Easy, secure battery installation
    • Swivels to allow different height batteries
    • Locks securely without pins or parts to lose
  • Efficient Direct All-Wheel Drive
    • Full-time shaft driven 4-wheel drive
    • Steel center driveshaft with center bearing support
    • Direct drive
    • Sealed, silicone-filled differential
    • Brushless ready for easy Velineon brushless power upgrade
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Replica Toyota GR Supra GT4 black multi-spoke wheels
    • High-performance racing slicks with long-wearing compound
    • Ultra-wide racing slicks provide ultimate traction
    • Replica brake discs incorporate standard 12mm wheel hexes
    • Brake calipers can be mounted in forward or trailing edge positions
  • Springs and Shocks
    • Fully adjustable oil-filled Ultra Shocks with X-ring technology
    • Red powder coated shock springs feature a responsive spring rate
  • Rubber-Sealed Ball Bearings
  • Requires Traxxas 7-Cell NiMH “flat pack” or 2-Cell LiPo Battery and Charger (Sold Separately)
  • Backed by Unparalleled Traxxas Support and Parts Availability
Three-Quarter View Red
Three-Quarter View Blue
MODEL 93064-4 4-Tec® Toyota GR Supra GT4: fully assembled, Ready-To-Race®, with TQ 2.4 GHz radio system, XL-5® electronic speed control, Titan® 12T 550 motor, and ProGraphix® painted replica body.

What’s In The Box:

  • Traxxas GR Supra GT4, Ready-To-Race Model with Titan 12T 550 Motor
  • XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • TQ 2.4 GHz Radio System
  • Quick Start Guide
  • High Quality Maintenance Tools
  • Optional High Speed Pinion Gear

What You’ll Need:

  • Battery Pack

    GR Supra GT4 requires the use of a 7-Cell NiMH “flat pack” or 2-Cell LiPo Battery equipped with a Traxxas High Current Connector. Click here for compatible batteries.

  • Charger

    Traxxas EZ-Peak® Plus (model 2970) recommended. Click here for a full list of Traxxas chargers.

  • AA Alkaline Batteries

    Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter